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Imprimer Table de jeu eurobot 2010

The idea of this year's competition was simple: collect red balls (tomatoes), orange balls (oranges) and white cylinders (ears of corn) and store them in your basket (the containers on the side of the table). The robot with the heaviest basket after 90s wins.

To make things a little more interesting, the black cylinders are fake ears of corn, and cannot be moved, and the oranges are on "trees", at the top of a hill.

See the complete rules in PDF here.

The robot

Technical Poster (printed in A1 and displayed in the team's pit during the competition):

2-legged prototype


4-legged version


Competition and results

Creativity Award winner ! And we made a 45min presentation about the project!

Rank : 94 / 121

The four-legged robot was not finished and we entered the competition with the prototype on which we added at the last minute an emergency stop button and a bumper to push the balls... <TODO>


Initial sketch :
Back :

Some concept... but it was not a Tachikoma-like robot this year :/