EDIT: The technical annexe as well as the English version of the slides are here : http://www.planete-sciences.org/for...

EDIT2: Rules available here: http://www.planete-sciences.org/rob...

The official file detailing the rules will be available in up to a week, when both English and French versions will be ready. Technical documentation sould be available tomorrow around noon.

See all the slides here : http://wall-y.fr/index.php?post/201...

See rendered video of the playing ground, with elements and stuff : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjiC...

Thread with questions about the rules (in French) : http://www.planete-sciences.org/for...

What do we know for now?

  • Colors are Red and some kind of Purple
  • The table is 2000x3000mm (100mm shorter than all the previous editions) and is the same as the one used in Eurobot Junior. The borders are still 70mm high.
  • Up to two robots per team (1200/1600mm at start/opened for the biggest, 800/1000mm for the small one
  • Actions:
    • uncovering the map (worth 5 coins) : remove a piece of cloth that covers half of the map, which is located outside of the table. Each half of the map is covered with a piece of cloth of the color of the team, and you should remove only the one of your color. It is fastened using velcro, and the robot(s) has to keep the item once it has been removed, it can't leave it on the playing field. It HAS TO be removed from the front.
    • collect treasures that lies on bottom of the see, on the islands and on the totems: get coins (CDs painted white, with a small wooden cube attached) and bullions (wooden bars roughly resembling a... bullion) and put them safely in your ship (zones on your side of the table). The ship is composed of the Captain's Chambers (starting zone), a chest with an openable cover (opposite from the Captain Chambers) and the deck (between the two). Up to 4 coins and an bullion can be put in the Capitain's Chambers and can not be removed by the other team. All other riches put in the rest of the boat can be plundered without mercy. Coins are abviously worth 1 coin each, and bullions are worth 3 coins each. Some coins are replaced at start by black coins, worth 0. Which ones are replaced by black ones is the only random thing in the whole rules.
    • send messages in bottles: messages can be sent by pushing a button. Two messages from each team are available and each one is worth 5 coins. You are forbidden from activating the ones of the other team.

Victory: accumulated coins +10

Draw: accumulated coins +5

Defeat : accumulated coins +2

Scratch/disqualification: no coin.

We'll se more when the rules are released!