That's it, Robogames is done. And by that, I am obviously talking about this edition, but unfortunately about the whole event too :s. According to what I have heard, it was the last year of Robogames :/

At least I made the right choice to come this year. It has been a blast, I met a lot of very cool people, got to show Xachikoma and the USB2AX to a lot of people and overall had a lot of fun!

With Kyle from Trossen Robotics we even had Xachi walk a PhantomX AX quadruped at the end of a leash, it was pretty cool!

Ho, and I won Gold in the "Best of show" category by the way :)


I have said to a lot of people that I would publish the code that I use in Xachikoma. This code has always been under an open source license, but around the first contest I entered Xachi in, it immediately became apparent that I needed to find a way to get version control even when I don't have access to the internet. At the time, I was very new to Git and so were the people who tried to help me, so the solution that our guardian angel Alex set up for me was to run a SVN repository on the robot itself. After all, the robot is the only common denominator in every situation I have been in.

The result is that in these two years, the code evolved far away from the internet and thus from the reach of the Internet dwellers. While I might transition to git at some point, for now i'm just going to post a source package so that people can have a look, and I'll try to setup a better workflow at a later date, if it ever proves useful. In the meantime, have fun!