A little post to show two quick upgrades I made to my machine to make it much more easy to use:

1) A spool holder. I used this one, made for the Foldarap, but it's completely not adapted to the way I want to use it as the spool I have is too big and touches the desk if mounted "properly"... So I purposefully misused it :)

Screwed in that position, the holder masks the 4 topmost centimeters of the build volume, but it works great otherwise. I might make a new one that folds into the handle some day ;)

2) There shall be Light, and there was Light.

Two LED strips (one on each side of the top aluminum frame) directly wired into the power supply, it helps a lot to see what is going on :)

The wires run inside the aluminum profile so as not to pose any problem when folding the machine.