Lots of stuff is going to happen in the 3 remaining months of this year. Lots of traveling, new Xevelabs products, multiple robotics and electronics-related events.

First, I'm going to the 2014 Open Hardware Summit, of which I have been a (very low level) sponsor for a few years :)

I'll also be around at the following Maker Faire Rome!

I'll have prototypes of my new products with me, but saddely nothing very sparky. I'll bring the USB2LDS (interface for the Neato LDS lidar sensor), an adapter board that makes it possible to string XL servos after AX/MX servos, and an interface for other types of servos.

Later in October, I'll be at Robot World in Seoul. One of the biggest robot event in the world!

And lastly, at the end of November, I'll stay for 2 weeks in Shenzhen, the center of electronics manufacturing of the world :)

See you somewhere around the world!