New language, new sponsors



Once again, the nice guys at Pololu agreed to support us :)

MotorHP Inside each leg, I will use one of these wonderful little motors. These are the same ones that I used two years ago, on XD Team's first robot! They pack some impressive punch for their size, and it shows on the current consumption (1,6A when stall) ^^. Just don't forget to add noise filtering capacitors!

BBO And in equal numbers, there will be Baby Orangutan B-328 boards. These boards are a little smaller than Sparkfun's Arduino Mini Pro, yet they pack the same controller (ATmega328) and a dual motor controller! The trade-of is that you have to program them directly via ISCP. They will be used as auxiliary processor, in charge of managing a leg (motor, encoder, sensors) each.


And now a new partner: i.materialise ! These guys have probably the most complete offering in terms of 3D printing I know of. Just check their website, have a look at the various materials the offer! With them, the goal is to print the complex parts that can't be easily made by hand. They also provide much needed expertise to get it right :)


Parts like this one for example would not be very nice to build by hand (more explanations on why the hell I think I need such a part later) ^^