I'm now officially a member of the one and only NYBI.CC! (page on hackerspaces.org : http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/NYBI.C...)


NYBI.CC, or NancY BIdouille Création Construction (roughly translates to tinkering, creating and "making stuff" (club) of Nancy ) is a young makerspace/hackerspace with already a lot of very cool people, working on projects as diverse as RepRaps, Remote Underwater Vehicles, FPGAs, NeufBox hacking, blinky stuff, mini laser engravers, educational projects of all forms, ...

I've been coming to the weekly meeting on and off for a few month now (basically since all the ground work on the place itself is done : staircase, walls, lighting,... :P )

And on Wednesday, I also showed Xachikoma to the other members :) mP1010264_1365x1024.jpg

Meanwhile, a reprap was beening fixed... It's a nice little Huxley that suffered some damage, and they had, among other things, to straighten some PLA parts using a SMD rework station :D
Fun times ^^ mP1010266_1365x1024.jpg