I recently posted about the new XL-320 servos by Robotis. I got 4 of these, and thought I should do a quick demo with them before the long and grueling groundwork that will be needed to integrate them in my new robot which will mix AX and XL servos.

So here is GlitchBot, a little walker robot. It uses 3 XL-320 servos, the OpenCM9.04 and OLLO parts exclusively.



GlitchBot walking

I'll have to make steps smoother... here it goes forward thanks to the silicon foam it's walking on, but on my desk it just shuffles in place :p

The design is based on Tictac6 / Twitch / TwitchMX robots. It's basically a 3-servos hexapod that is in fact more of a biped, depending on how you look.

The principle is simple enough: one servo to rotate each leg, and one to swap which trio of feet is on the ground, with a deformable parallelogram configuration to keep the legs parallel to each other.
Each leg is made primarily with one of the batteries, put as close as possible. Flex in the material is taken into account to keep the bot level when it is standing on one trio of leg.


One leg up... there's enough clearance, it's all good!

There is a little glitch sometimes where a command is not executed (which results in this video in the turn, near the end)... I guess the bot is aptly named ^^' I'll have to investigate.

Here is the sketch for OpenCM9.0: GlitchBot.ino

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